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Marks Recorder
Mark Recorder

Marks Recorder is an Android application that lets you record high quality sound.

It allows you to make your audio recordings as never before:

  • Audio recording in compressed (3gpp) or uncompressed (wav) mode, in mono or stereo.
  • Display the wave of the recording in real-time
  • Mark important parts of the recording by start and end marks
  • Export the marks made on a recording
  • Cut a mark (audio between the beginning and the end of the mark)
  • Share the entire file or the marks on the recording. (Whatsapp, Google Drive, Dropbox, email ...)
  • Send the entire file or the marks on the recording to an FTP server.
  • Give a gain value audio to suit any situation (-20dB to + 20dB)
  • Listen the return of audio being recorded in real time (using headphones and with few milliseconds delay) to hear what is actually being recorded and adjust the gain.

Marks Recorder has been chosen by Radio Nacional de España and Onda Madrid to do their recordings and send them to their study for broadcast.

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